Why We Shoot with the Canon C100

At ifocal, we have used a variety of cameras and lenses to cover videography at events and weddings. We’ve predominantly used DSLRs, such as the popular full-frame Canon 5D Mark III, as well as other cameras such as the Sony HVR-Z5,  GoPro Hero’s and Canon Legria Mini’s.

The Canon Cinema EOS C100 camcorder has been around for a little while now, and in that time we’ve seen some fantastic cameras join it on the market (e.g. Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Panasonic GH4). But still the C100 remains the best in class camera with unparalleled image quality and functionality. So we decided it was time to add this camera to our arsenal, to really bring the cinematic experience to our clients.


Below is our top 10 reasons for why we now shoot with this amazing camera:


1) The Super 35mm 4k censor – delivers amazing image quality / detail / sharpness / colours / low light performance

2) 12 stops of dynamic range – ensures details in highlights and shadows is retianed

3) Dual Pixel Auto-Focus (DAF) – for smooth continuous auto-focus during video recording

4) Ergonomics/design – it’s built and designed to be used as a video camera, not a stills camera

5) Extended Battery life – we can now shoot for longer periods with fewer battery changes

6) Dual slot recording – we can record to 2 SD cards at the same time and create backup copies on the go

7) Built in ND Filters – we can maintain a shallow depth of field outdoors and create the cinematic look

8) Audio – comes with built in stereo mic into the detachable handle unit, and also XLR inputs for clean audio capture

9) Lenses – compatible with a wide range of Canon EF and cine lenses – allowing more creativity

10) Customisable – everything about the camera is customisable. Menus. Body. We can customise the camera to shoot the way we want to, depending on the scenario.


Overall. we rate the Canon C100 as the best camera on the market at its price point. It’s a complete package, which delivers excellent image quality, with fantastic usability. The built in features and custom functions, really will  help us achieve the shots we need for our clients, and deliver unparalleled content.

It’s a real work horse, and we will be looking forward to sharing more clips and footage from the camera over the next year, as we really put this camera through it’s paces.


ifocal cinematographer