Wedding Video Showcase 2013

ifocal cinema is the bespoke video service from ifocal. We specialise in asian wedding videography and photography, catering for a very diverse range of clients. ifocal brings that distinct CINEMATIC touch to your wedding films at a budget that suits you.
See our official showcase trailer and photo video which includes various weddings from different cultures, styles and budgets.


We can create custom made videos and photo montages using the latest visual effects, to capture your special day for the big screen.

We are unique in that we take a modern approach to wedding film making, bringing your weddings up to speed with modern day films. At ifocal we use the latest gear to shoot and edit your films, to make them special and give them the FILM look. We use pro DSLR cameras (such as 5D Mark III), Steadicam, Sliders, Tripods, Monopods, Dollys, Cranes and a variety of lenses to capture your wedding in style. When editing your film, we use the latest software and music to collate your special moments onto film.

dilen sabrina-1We can tailor your wedding films and photos to exactly how you want. We cater for the the new and the old in wedding film and photography.

At ifocal, it’s not just about the weddings. Our aim is to bring your special occasion/event to life in video format, no matter what it may be. We can even edit your home movies and photos to a professional standard with music and special effects.

So if it’s a wedding, birthday party or any celebration you can rely on ifocal to capture your special moments.