Asian Wedding Photographers in Hayes, London

Are you in need of an Asian wedding photographer based in Hayes? If you are hosting your Asian wedding in the popular west London region of Hayes and are searching for that perfect wedding photographer, we at ifocal will be happy to help you.

Ifocal has rapidly grown over the past few years to become a standout contender for Asian wedding photography operating in and near Hayes. This has been achieved through a range of methods but the most important one is simply a genuine passion for wedding photography. We love to work as a team with our customers and together we achieve high quality photos that never fail to impress. One key method behind this is a uniquely free consultation that we offer to all of our clients. Some companies see this as a chargeable service but it has always been our philosophy that to acquire the best and most honest photos possible, it is imperative that the photographer has an understanding of the subject. In the case of an Asian wedding for instance, this means our small but devoted team meeting with the bride and groom. This opportunity allows our team to get to know you, and helps us to bring out your character in your wedding photos. Having a complete stranger as your wedding photographer simply wouldn’t be the same.

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In addition to providing a free consultation and quote, we are also an incredibly versatile company. Whilst the vast majority of companies offer either photography or videography, we offer a combined service that gives you the best of both worlds. The reason for this is that we have seen the many benefits of each first-hand and we do not believe it is fair that you should have to choose between the two, or hire two separate companies and go through twice the hassle. Photography is a classic and age-old tradition at weddings that helps capture so many magical moments. Photos are easily shareable and can be displayed with ease, and there is no substitute for a picture of the bride and groom smiling away as newlyweds. At the same time, the modern era has provided us with increasingly tempting options in terms of HD video. With our cutting-edge equipment, including the DSLR C100, we are able to produce incredibly high quality video that captures the day as it happens. With so much excitement and so much to do many moments  are often missed, particularly by the bride and groom, and this is a fantastic way to capture everything that happens. It is no surprise that so many Asian weddings in Hayes have opted for both photos and videos with ifocal.

It is clear why there are so many Asian wedding photography request in Hayes – blending the locality of London with a country quality, Hayes strikes a balance that is ideal for weddings. This is typified in the picturesque Alrewas wedding venue, which is complimented by plenty of accommodation in the form of multiple Premier Inns as well as the esteemed Radisson Blu.

If you have decided you require a photography team for an Asian wedding in Hayes then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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