iPhone 4S with a f2.4 8MP Camera

Apple have just announced the new iPhone 4S which will go on sale later this month.  We were all expecting the announcement of an iPhone 5 but this is one now for the future.  It makes sense to upgrade an existing device/format which did have its flaws upon launch…admittedly!

The stand out feature for me is the addition of an upgraded 8MP sensor and the five element lens which offers a 2.4 aperture…impressive!

Having f2.4 is great for using the camera in low light and more importantly offers more creative options.  Combined with image stabilization (IS) and 1080p video at 30fps this is a huge step up from the iPhone 4.

As an iPhone 4 owner I don’t think there is an immediate need to upgrade due to speed but the enhanced optics certainly did catch my eye.  A few other new functions include Siri and not forgetting the all new iOS5…

Have a look at the advert for the new device here – Apple.com

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f2.4 on a camera phone!!!

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1 Comments to “iPhone 4S with a f2.4 8MP Camera”

  1. nurayfilms says:

    Not sure about it. The processing speed is similar to the galaxy s2. Design is pretty much the same as iphone4. I think i can wait. lets see.