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It is impossible to live anywhere near London without having Wembley crop up regularly in your plans. One of London’s most prominent locations, Wembley is best known for Wembley Stadium which was newly opened in 2007 following on from the old stadium by the same name. The iconic arch of Wembley Stadium can be viewed from miles around and acts as a beacon to all of the brightest sporting teams and musicians, many of whom have already performed at the prestigious venue. Thanks to this there has been plenty of investment into Wembley from shops and residential housing to local parks and amenities which has led to the current state of the area as a leading London venue for weddings.

As one would expect given the importance of Wembley Stadium, public transport links are in abundance and this is another aspect that makes it an appealing place to host an important wedding. With guests coming from all over London and beyond, Wembley is a very straightforward and easily recognisable area which makes it ideal for large weddings, as most traditional Asian weddings tend to be.

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Wembley has many ideal venues for weddings, so much so that for the past several years the stadium has been home to the Asian Wedding Exhibition. The show, which sees a collection of the finest dress makers, decorators, caterers and more, is a clear indication of how important and frequent Asian weddings are in the region and has led to many local businesses which can help assist you when arranging your special day.

If you are looking to arrange an Asian wedding in Wembley, ifocal will be happy to help you. We are a small yet professional company based in the English capital with a specific focus on Asian weddings, and a wealth of experience photographing such occasions. If you are interested in hiring us we will first arrange a complimentary consultation in which we can tell you what to expect of us and also get a better understanding of what the bride and groom want out of the service. This will include exploring the ideas of photography, videography or even both. We feel that getting to know the bride and groom is the only way to learn how to capture the big day in a way that reflects their personalities. Many companies have an out-of-the-catalogue approach where the same techniques are applied to every event they cover, but we believe that something as simple as a short conversation can help make the photographs we take represent the bride and groom in a much more unique and personalised way.

We have extensive experience working at all manner of Asian weddings in and around Wembley covering a number of different religions. Every member of our team is well-versed in the intricacies of Asian weddings, the traditions and cultures behind them, and we feel this is reflected in the high quality products we are able to create.

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