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Heathrow is known on a worldwide scale as one of the most important areas in England, with its airport helping to fund the economy by transporting thousands of people in and out of the country every day. Whilst this may cause many people to regard the area as little more than a transport hub, this could not be further from the truth; Heathrow has proven to be an excellent place to host weddings for a multitude of couples, with Asian weddings a particularly pertinent choice.

London Heathrow Airport is the third busiest airport in the world, and its accessibility is undeniably one of the key areas of appeal when it comes to hosting a wedding in the region. Asian weddings are often expansive areas with hundreds of guests in attendance and many travel from overseas to witness the ceremony. There is nowhere in the country better placed for such an occasion, with guests landing directly in the vicinity of the wedding. This is particularly beneficial for any elderly individuals attending the ceremony or those with young children, providing a hassle-free route to the wedding.

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As well as providing excellent links to overseas guests, Heathrow is very easily accessible from all over London. Easily accessible on the Piccadilly Line, Heathrow can also be reached by its own dedicated services in the Heathrow Connect which takes just minutes from areas including Southall, Hanwell, Ealing and Paddington as well as the Heathrow Express which is a streamlined train aimed at getting passengers to the destination even faster. These trains run frequently and as such there is never a shortage of ways for people to get to Heathrow.

The Sofitel is recognised around the world as one of the market leaders in the hotel industry, offering unrivalled luxury and unparalleled services to its customers. Sofitel London Heathrow is no exception, and not only does it offer the same exquisite quality that is consistent throughout its esteemed branch of hotels but it also prides itself on the weddings it caters for. Specifically, the hotel advertises itself as being perfect for “intimate to large Asian weddings” and is capable of accommodating up to 1,000 guests in its fully customisable facilities, including car parking for 400 guests.

Hosting a wedding at Heathrow usually means that the event is destined to be one that accommodates many guests. We at ifocal have plenty of experience catering for large events and specifically Asian weddings, placing us in the perfect position to help facilitate the filming and photography of your special day. We offer a number of packages which can include photography, video footage, or both. We also like to arrange a sit-down meeting where we can introduce ourselves and walk you through the process of what will happen on your wedding. This helps us bond with the bride and groom and ensures you look relaxed and happy in your photos and video footage – the way you will want to remember such a special occasion.

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