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At ifocal our main priority is to provide top quality Asian wedding photography, operating within the Richmond area. As an established, experienced company with a plethora of satisfied customers, we’re confident we can help you capture your special day like never before.

Richmond is a popular setting for Asian weddings, and so we often photograph couples becoming wed in the region. Pembroke Lodge has long been a leading wedding venue in the area with its 2300 acres of parkland packed with wildlife and parking for a stunning 250 vehicles. In conjunction with this local hotels such as The Bingham and The Petersham, which incidentally also functions as a wedding venue, add all the appeal required to host a successful Asian wedding in Richmond.  We have also shot weddings at the Richmond Hill Hotel which is one of our favorites.  In general, Richmond is a revered region within the London area with plenty of greenery in the way of Richmond Riverside, Richmond Park and Richmond Green, surrounded by a respectable number of theatres and museums. It is clear to see why Asian wedding photography is so prevalent in Richmond.

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Versatility is a key component to successful wedding photography. You cannot apply the same set of ideas and techniques to every wedding, as each couple is different. The traditions and routines at a Sikh wedding, for example, are vastly different to those of a Muslim wedding – and we provide for each accordingly. In the same vein, the personalities of the bride and groom are always unique, as is their relationship to one another, and we are firm believers that without getting an insight into this relationship you can never create the perfect wedding photos. This is why, when you get in contact with us for Asian wedding photography in Richmond or any other area, one of the first things we’ll do is arrange a free consultation to discuss your expectations and ambitions for the wedding. This opportunity to get to know one another not only puts the bride and groom at ease on the big day but also helps our team to learn how best to photograph you.

Many companies that offer photography for Asian weddings in Richmond frequently outsource to freelancers. This is a game of chance, as you can never fully guarantee the reliability of people that work outside of your company. At ifocal we have a small but capable team that all have a deep rooted passion for photography and work excellently as a unit to create the best possible product for our customers. As trained technicians our team are more than adept at covering both photography and videography. This is a unique offering because we believe that the bride and groom have enough to worry about without going through the rigour of hiring two separate companies for each. Our combined service covers all bases and gives you the best of both worlds.

If you’d like to find out more about the services ifocal offer for Asian wedding photography in Richmond just get in contact with out customer service team and we’ll be happy to help.

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