Canon 5d Mk ii vs 7D – Which one would you choose?

A serious dilemma.

You have an entry level DSLR and you wish to move your photography on to the next level, which one of these pro models do you choose?

After hours of research online on various websites and forums including watching endless video reviews I think there is a clear winner.

This does however depend on your primary purpose for the camera and in my eyes for wedding photography the 5D Mk ii is the best option.

This is mainly down to it’s full frame 21MP sensor which gives great low light performance, color depth and overall image superiority. The video recording ability of the 5D mkii has been received very well in the videography world, with lots of potential to explore in future.

The speed of the Canon 7D is attractive but more favoured for sports and wildlife photographers. From a 500D, this would still be a great leap but when focussing on wedding photography the 5D wins!

See the below videos which were made using a 5D Mkii, note the great use of DOF and image quality : or visit :

Let me know your thoughts.



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