Canon Mirrorless/Translucent Mirror Cameras

Canon have been very busy over the last few years updating their camera range launching models like the 550D, 600D and now the 1DX. The strategy at the moment seems to be that they will not go down the mirrorless/translucent Mirror route which is now being exploited by Sony and Nikon more recently, why?

The 600D was launched maybe a year after the 550D, this would have annoyed many 550D owners and people like myself with the 500D. The 600D does provide some nice enhancements over the 550D but not a clear and obvious reason to upgrade. They are clearly sticking to Single-Lens Reflex technology….
So why is Canon not pursuing the mirrorless/translucent mirror route?

It seems this is just down to belief in the technology. Though new and with obvious benefits, mirrorless technology still has not been widely adopted by pro photographers. Sony have to re-establish themselves in the overall market which is why they are pushing so hard with an example being the A77.

Nikon have dipped their toes in the water with the new 1 series, so they are seeing a demand for this technology. Looking at the models released they are aimed at the beginner market.

Sony is pushing for the A77 to be used by pros but will this work?

Whatever, the case Canon are sticking to their guns at this stage.

Let’s see if things develop especially after the launch of the J1 from Nikon.

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