The cost of hiring a cheap photographer

As a well established team of photographers and videographers, we feel it is our responsibility to share good advice with our audience.  The topic of cost is one we feel very strongly about.

We regularly receive enquiries from couples asking : “Can you fix these photos?” or “We wish we had hired a professional in the first place?”

There are so many things that you should consider when talking about the price point of a quality photographer of which some are : Creativity, technical capability, volume of work and style.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as quality control in our industry so this does make it difficult for couples who are out there looking for a photographer/videographer for their event.

It may seem that the bulk of the work and effort is during the day of the event for a photographer, in fact it’s after the event that the bulk of time is spent working on your images (up to 20-30 hours worth!).  This includes initial edits to images, final touches/amends, designing albums, proofing albums, dealing with emails, phonecalls, meeting with clients and other admin.


There are also several costs which photographers have to incur to be able to turn up to a shoot which include public liability insurance, equipment insurance, regular servicing costs, advertising, marketing, education, computer equipment and software costs.

You want to ensure that whoever you hire turns up with enthusiasm and energy, this makes all the difference.  

This is why many reliable and photographers will stand behind their costs and urge you to make a decision that you will not regret.

Choosing someone based on how low their quote is not the only criteria to consider so make sure you are protecting yourself. 

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