How to Capture the Perfect Wedding Photo

As experienced photographers and videographers of Asian weddings in London and the UK, we often find people asking the same question: how do you capture the perfect wedding photo? To us, the answer is both simple and complex; passion.

In our many years as professional photographers we have been part of many weddings.  Although we specialise in Asian weddings, no two weddings are ever the same. Manisha & Toby, Randz & Amrit – each couple is as unique as the person responsible for capturing their special day, it is our duty to ensure that the photos accurately reflect their personalities and connection. For this reason, a successful wedding photographer will always need to love what they do.  Without passion for their work, they will never put in the time and attention to detail which is necessary to produce the best wedding photos possible.

Of course, the fundamentals of capturing the perfect wedding photo are similar to any other profession. Training and hard work are required. Learning about lighting and contrast, angles and positioning are things that only arduous dedication can teach you. But once you have studied the technical aspects of photography and enjoyed a sufficient amount of experience, the only way to truly hone your craft to a fine art is by really loving what you do.

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A wedding is a very unique occasion. Not only is it a uniquely special day with all of the couples’ family and friends present, but it is a one-off event that will never happen again. Because of this, it is of pivotal importance that the photographer is highly efficient and misses as few special moments as possible. One important factor which is always employed at ifocalmedia is to get to know the subjects. Are they confident or shy? Would it be better to coax them out of their shell, or would it be more accurate to capture them as they are? What is their relationship to one another like? Are they loving, respectful, playful? What is their relationship to their family members and friends like? Are they strictly religious or more liberal?

The simple act of meeting with the couple and enjoying a short conversation can be the difference between getting a decent wedding photo and capturing the perfect one. If the subject is a deep-thinking intellectual then perhaps capturing them in a bubbly, energetic pose would be an inaccurate portrayal of them. If the couple enjoy a very fun, easy-going relationship and are always teasing one another, there should be aspects of this captured in some of the wedding photos.

There are, of course, many different aspects that combine to create a successful wedding photographer. A steady hand, a keen eye, thorough photographical knowledge and an ability to engage with the subjects are all fundamental. However, one thing is certain; a photographer that lacks a passion for their work will never see the amazing results that come from somebody who loves what they do.

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