Macro/CloseUp camera mode on the Nokia Lumia 920

Let’s face it we all want to be able to take better pictures, when sharing our images on social media sites it’s always nice to get good positive feedback and some appreciation.  Quite often people will use their cameras in AUTO mode and expect perfect results, this is not realistic as you cannot achieve this even with a top end Digital SLR camera which can cost over £2500!

So what can we do to improve and get our images closer to perfection, giving you satisfaction and gaining more LIKES from your followers?


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Nokia Lumia 920 – Camera Review

The first step is to use a camera with a high mega pixel count, it’s not the be all and end all, but it helps.  I have been testing the Nokia Lumia 920 over the past few days and it’s camera performance.  The Lumia has an 8.7 megapixel rear-facing camera with Nokia PureView and Carl Zeiss optics.  This is more than capable in terms of spec and in particular I will share some images below using the Close Up/Macro mode.

A crucial part of capturing a successful image is getting the setting rights in camera, before actually taking the shot.  This allows you to optimise the  final output and reduces the need for editing.

Once you have applied the correct setting mode and moved out of AUTO,  the next stage is to find a subject.  This can be anything  from still-life, landscape or portraiture.  For close up photography it may be best to start off with still-life to get used to composing your shots and getting the hang of the camera itself.

A macro lens is designed to capture a tiny subject as a bigger image, allowing you to get slightly closer to your subject.  Though the Lumia 920 does not have a true macro lens it simulates this effect using some smart in built software.

Here are some tips and examples of Macro mode images :

  • Avoid camera shake, hold the camera with both hands
  • Light your shot well, use as much natural light
  • Vary your angles by taking multiple shots of the same subject
  • Switch off the flash to avoid a harsh lit subject
  • Pick a focus point of interest, don’t let the camera decide
  • Use the on board editing modes on the Lumia to create different effects

Here is a great link to a site which explains Macro in more detail for advanced users :

Lets take a look at some images.

The first image is taken using a Canon 600D 18 megapixel DSLR camera in MACRO mode, note that the lens used is not a dedicated MACRO but allows you to get pretty close.

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Macro mode – 600D DSLR image

The second image has been taken using the Nokia Lumia 920 in CLOSE UP/MACRO mode and though the framing is different you can see the Lumia does a decent job of getting close and providing some nice detail.  I did notice some distortion on the image but that’s more down to the limitation of the lens.  Here is a link to an interesting site which takes a closer look inside the Lumia 920 camera sensor.

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Nokia Lumia 920 – Close Up/Macro Mode

So the conclusion is that we can get pretty close to DSLR quality images using the Lumia 920 but the lack of manual features and difference in resolution limits the capabilities of the camera.  For a camera which you can carry in your pocket alongside make calls and surf the net, not bad at all.

If you have any comments related to the images above or want to share your own experiences then leave a comment in the box below.

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