Use Nokia’s Creative Studio to fix your photos

A common issue with most camera phones is that they deliver soft and often an inconsistent level of performance.  Nokia has introduced Nokia’s Creative Studio to try and tackle this problem in it’s new Lumia 920.

For best results when taking images with a camera phone it’s a good idea to quickly edit/fix using software provided to create the actual look you are after.  This is something we have become familiar with using programs like Instagram so shouldn’t be too difficult.

We want to end up with an image which is the best representation of what we see with our very own eyes…

The camera alone is not smart enough to read the scene and get it right 100%, the sensor is not as sophisticated as a human eye which has a much higher dynamic range.

Here are some example images, side by side, with and without using the Quick Fix option on board the Lumia 920.

Original Image

Original Image

Edited Using Quick Fix

Edited Using Quick Fix

Note that original image was pretty flat and had a yellow colour cast, this has been corrected in the second image. Also note that the shadows have been opened up around the eyes and we can see more detail in them.  It appears there has been some sharpening applied and a shift in contrast to add more punch to the image. Very clever considering it took one command to do all this…

The software that comes with the Lumia is smart so apply it where possible…


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